These are a few projects that I have worked on for a while. They may still be buggy, but I am proud of them.

Click on the images to see the source code.

Habitr Skaarladder
App to create healthy routines through gamification SoloQ Challenge creator for League of Legends

Small projects


Most of these projects were written in 1 day or less, and are basically train-of-thought coding.
They are not quality code, nor represent the kind of things I can program.
All of them are in need of very big rewrites to their codebase.
They are, however, projects that I am fond of and enjoyed programming and therefore proud of :)


Click on the names to see the source code.

SpoilerScraper OnePiecePanelBot
Spoiler release tracker for One Piece Set of utilities and Twitter bot to tweet the entirety of the One Piece manga (RIP Twitter API)

Uni Projects

These are projects made as assignments for several of my USAL courses. Some of them may need some polish, but were helpful development experiences: